Small hiccup?

Maybe we should have had LD come in this week after all… N wants to go out of town some time in July, so I was trying to get an idea of when LD would be coming in for her testing in order to work around that. I called Dr. C’s office yesterday and left a message for his nurse. I did not get a phone call back. So I called again this afternoon. I had to leave a message again, but this time she called me not too long after that (and luckily, after my last class had left!). I explained that I needed to know what day in LD’s cycle she would have to come in for testing. She asked me when LD should be starting. I told her I wasn’t positive, but most likely June 29th or 30th. She started looking at the schedule to try and go ahead and get us on there… Unfortunately, the week LD would need to come in (apparently day 7-12 of her cycle) would be the week that Dr. C is starting a two week vacation! Ugh!

The nurse said we may just have to wait for her NEXT period. I told her we were hoping for a later September retrieval and early October transfer and asked if waiting would postpone that. She said that she would have to talk to Dr. C to find out exactly what LD is going to need done and if it would be okay to do both her screening appointment and her mock cycle in the same visit. When I told LD this she said “What? Why do I need a mock cycle, since I’ve done this before?” I didn’t have an answer for that. LD is going to try to call and talk to the nurse tomorrow and so am I. She wanted me to call back tomorrow with a better idea of LD’s cycle day 1 anyway. Hopefully we can get this all worked out so that LD can be seen in July and we will be able to stay in our desired timeframe. We shall see…

But like I told LD, even if it doesn’t happen when we want it to, it WILL happen. And if I’m going to (hopefully) be working from home after this next school year, it won’t matter if the baby is born in June or July. It will all work out the way God wants it to….


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