Feeling more positive…

After my FDA screening appointment today I’m feeling much better about my ovaries… When Dr. C first walked in the room he said “I’m still a bit worried about how many eggs we might be able to get from you, but we don’t really have any reason not to proceed.” Which made me apprehensive (of course). But when he did a sonogram and looked at my ovaries he was singing a different tune. He said “Oh, that looks better. And that one looks good too. Yes, this is good.” And when we were finished and he was leaving the room he said “I’m excited.” 😀 Which, of course, makes ME more excited (and I was already excited). I’m so relieved that he seems to think our prospects are good (or at least better than he’d feared).

N will have his screening appointment on June 18th (he had to move it because he is now working on the day I’d set up for him). And LD will come in for her tests when she gets her next AF. She COULD go in next week (because she just started her AF on Sunday), but we decided it would probably be better to wait since I have to work next week. In July I’ll be available to go with her to the appointment and we’ll have the contract finished. So all around it will be better, even though we’re both anxious to get everything done… Though spreading it out might make it easier on the waiting aspect. If we got all the testing done now we’d have a REALLY long time to wait for the next step since we don’t want to do a transfer until the beginning of October. It’s hard to believe we might be nearly-parents this time next year! 😀 😀 😀

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