What a mighty good man…

I have the most wonderful husband ever. Today he revealed a surprise to me that I wasn’t supposed to know about, but kept messing up his plans by making other ones for the same weekend. He finally confessed just to get me to stop filling up my days!

Our anniversary is a week from Monday. I figured we wouldn’t be doing anything for it, since he wanted to spend Father’s Day with his dad this year (being the first one with him living in our area since N was a kid). But it turns out that was just his devious way of making sure I didn’t try to plan anything for that weekend. Only, that just covered Sunday. First I started planning a meet-half-way trip to a casino with LD on that Friday. So N emailed her and said she was messing up his plans. This morning I got an email from her saying that next week wouldn’t work for her after all and could we push it back one more week. It turned out to be a good thing for me because some coworkers are now planning a retirement party for our counselor for that day… So LD emailed N and told him what I’d told her (about the retirement party) and that’s when he finally confessed.

He has reservations for two nights at a cabin in Central Texas where we can just spend time together relaxing. No TV, no internet, just the two of us. He also has us set up to go horse back riding on Saturday (I LOVE horse back riding). Other than that, the plan is to just relax. There is a full kitchen in the cabin, so he wants to stop and get breakfast supplies and possibly some other meals. There’s a restaurant nearby that is supposed to be really good, so N wants to go there Friday night and (if it’s good) Saturday night. We’ll head back home on Sunday.

I’m SO excited! I’ve had a big silly grin on my face ever since he spilled the beans. I’m so in love with my husband…


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