After apparently sending N into a panic that I was going to explode overnight, I’m happy to say I’m pretty much back to “normal.” I was in a grand state of pain last night, though, let me tell you! Before heading to bed I said to N “If I have to go to the ER, take me to Baylor Hospital. I like their rooms better.” His eyes got huge and he said “It’s that bad?!” It was almost that bad. I was getting concerned, but did not want to give up hope that all would be okay by morning.

When I woke up the first thing N asked me was “How are you feeling?” I had to think a minute as to what he was referring. Finally it dawned on me that I wasn’t in pain anymore! Yippee! Throughout the day I’ve felt a “shadow” of pain, but nothing truly painful, thank goodness.

I talked with the coworker of mine who is seeing Dr. C also (she’s starting BCP to get ready for an IVF cycle for herself) and she told me “Just wait until you’re on the drugs. Then you’re going to hurt so bad you won’t even be able to go to the bathroom.” I’m not looking forward to that! But as I told LD last night, it will be worth it in the end… At least I hope so! 😉

So I guess the countdown begins for AF’s visit. According to the ovulation calendar I read last night ovulation usually happens approximately 2 weeks after your period begins (it did), then 2 weeks after that should be the next AF. So in two weeks (fingers crossed) I guess I’ll finally get some testing done! I pray that everything looks great and we can move on to testing LD and N and get this show on the road! 😀


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