Psychological or hormonal?

For some reason I have been WAY horny this week. I don’t know if it’s because I’m off the BCP and therefore I have hormones raging that I don’t normally have, or if it’s psychological and because I know I’m not on BCP I figure my sex drive isn’t being suppressed. Whatever it is, I seem to be thinking about sex an awful lot lately. I’m sure it must be psychological, since I started getting horny on Monday and I’d only missed one active pill at that point.

Unfortunately, N has worked the last two days and has fallen asleep on the couch shortly after coming home. So I haven’t gotten to satisfy my urges. Hopefully that will turn around for me tonight… Even have my FMPs on as added incentive for him. 😉 I’m wondering if I can convince him to get frisky both before AND after dinner… I’m telling you, I’ve got it bad! 😀

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