W visit- Day 6

I had intended to blog each day of W’s visit, but that has proven to be impossible. Simply because there has been NO time to get on the computer until today! And the reason I can get on today is because W is taking a nap at the moment. This is the first time that he’s been napping while I was home.

I’ve been so exhausted this week. Between working all day, then coming home and taking care of W, I’m just tired. Today has been the easiest day because I got home at 1 o’clock (way earlier than usual because I had a conference that ended at 11:30) and MY aunt came over and watched W while I fell asleep on the couch. By the time I woke up, W was asleep for his nap! I could get used to this. 😉

So I’ve learned a lot from this week. First and foremost, this mommy thing is HARD! I honestly think it has a lot to do with working all day (a tiring endeavor to begin with for me), then coming home and having no down time. N has also realized how hard it is and says we will have to hire someone to help us out so that we can have time to do our own things. I’m not sure if that is accurate or not, but told him we could cross that bridge when/if we come to it.

I also learned that, other than a few incidences of not stopping him in time to save him from getting hurt, N and I are not too bad at this. W seems to be completely comfortable with me and has been since day one, even turning to me when he’s been nervous about other people who have come over. He adores N, and just looking at him can send W into a fit of giggles. It’s so funny to watch. While it was sometimes annoying that W would fuss all afternoon long, then N would come home and he’d become a completely different kid, it was still fun to watch.

Another lesson I learned is that no matter how tired or stressed I’ve gotten, when W lays his little head on my shoulder and snuggles close, it all disappears. I adore that feeling more than anything. And even though I know we’re going to have to take some time to reassess how our lives will be changed by parenthood, I’m happy to say that both N and I are still willing to go through with it.


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