Spreading the word…

For some reason the topic of our surrogacy has come up in the teacher’s lounge a lot lately. I swear I’m not doing it intentionally. And today it was totally not my fault! 😉 There really wasn’t any reason for me to say anything about surrogacy in the conversation that was going on regarding child development in the first couple of years (my assistant principal was talking about her two sons and how different they are from one another in their development). But suddenly, my AP asks point-blank “So how are things going for you with the surrogacy?” I’ve never had her actually inquire about anything to do with me before, so I was a little surprised to begin with. But when I told her that we’d found our surrogate and had an appointment set up to find out what needs to be done to get ready she seemed genuinely excited. That really surprised me!

Yesterday a substitute asked me about it (I had been talking to my traveling librarian about my roommate being pregnant and saying we’d be parents together). So once again, I explained the progress we’ve made and that we hope to be parents by next summer. People who hadn’t heard about it before were in the room and listened and commented and sounded supportive. I’m so glad I can be open about it at work. Maybe when they have my baby shower I can invite LD to come down so everyone can meet her!


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