Joining the “Mommy club”

I am SO excited! 😀 My college roommate (J) called me on Sunday to tell me she is 9 weeks pregnant! This will be her first child. She’s been married to her husband for two years now. She’s going to be the best mom ever. She used to be a special ed teacher for severe/profound classroom, so you know she has the patience of Job. 😉

When I told her that N and I have chosen a surrogate and are starting the wheels turning towards “trying” ourselves, she was thrilled. The first thing she said was “Now we get to do the parent thing together!” 😀 If everything works out for us to have our transfer in early October (and it takes), our kids will be less than a year apart. I hope our kids can be really close. As a matter of fact, if N still insists that I go back to work, I may ask her if she’ll watch our kid when I’m at work. If I have to leave him/her with anyone, I know I’d be more comfortable with her than most anyone else. Of course, I’m STILL going to try to finagle it for me to be home as much as possible. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Until then, I still need to make some progress on getting contracts together and whatnot. I had been planning on using this lawyer I’ve heard others use, but someone on TOSS had them blow them off when insurance got sticky. That makes me a bit nervous to use them now. I think I’ll talk to P and see who she used. I may even ask if she thinks I need to get my own lawyer or if LD’s will be enough. It would cut out one more expense… We’ll see…

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