Appointment set

Sunday N and I had a blow up/discussion about surrogacy (and my obsession). We had gotten a check from our escrow account and I said “cool. This is going in the baby fund!” And N got irritated. I’d mostly been joking, but it caused a huge blow up. Which turned into a discussion of my feeling like I had to hide half of what I was thinking and him feeling like surrogacy is all I care about anymore. We didn’t really get to completely finish the conversation because his mother and brother called (2 phone calls) and interrupted. However, I did mention that I felt there were many things we should try to get worked out soon-ish if we have hopes of trying for a transfer this year. I said I felt we needed to meet with the new RE (since neither of us liked the other guy) and he said “Go ahead and set it up.”

So I did. We now have an appointment for April 22nd at 2:30. It’s still far enough away that N won’t feel like I’m rushing things, while soon enough that I feel like we are moving forward. I still need to get some records together anyway. But the nice thing (I hope) is that W will have been with us the week before, so that should mean N will be in a baby kind of mood. 😉


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