Joyful news

Today another surro baby has entered the world! I cannot wait to hear her parents and SM tell about her birth. I’m feeling the baby pangs even more today than I have in a long time. I’m so happy for N and T. K really is an angel here on Earth.

I actually got to see K, N, and T this weekend. We had thought little A would make her appearance last week, so I made plans with LD to surprise them by driving up to OK. A did not arrive, but we did get to spend two days with the adults, helping to keep their minds off the ticking clock. Next weekend I have plans to go down to Houston to visit my sister and her son, and hope to meet A at that time (that’s where N and T live).

LD and I got to spend all weekend together (from Friday night to Sunday afternoon). I absolutely adore her. We talked about everything we could possibly think of. Our families, our values, our childhood, our husbands, her kids, our pets, our hopes and dreams… We stayed up ’til 2 AM both Friday and Saturday night. It was so great. Everything was so comfortable and we both feel like we are a match… Now we just have to convince N to move everything up so we don’t have to wait so long. 😉 We’ve been plotting against him all weekend. Hope his ears didn’t burn too badly while I was gone. 😉

We actually talked about LD and her family maybe coming to visit at Spring Break. Turns out my sister also wants to come visit… Actually, she wants to drop off her son and go sleep somewhere else. 😉 That sounds good to me! I’ve already been imagining going to the Ft. Worth Zoo with LD and her kids, and pushing W around in a stroller. I would SO love to do that! But N and I do hope to go to San Antonio for at least part of Spring Break, so it may or may not work out. We shall see. It’s not that far away, really. Just three weeks!

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