Budding friendship

I talked to LD for an hour last night on the phone! I’ll admit, at first I was a little nervous. After all, we’ve only met in person once. But we got very comfortable with each other quickly (I don’t think she was nervous) and talked about all kinds of things. The reason that prompted the call was because she and her IM are having to go their separate ways. They tried 3 times to do an FET, but none of them took. 😦 So now the RE is telling her IM (who happens to be P from a previous post) that she should try with a different surro. Neither of them WANTS to move on, but they both understand that it apparently just wasn’t to be. It’s very disheartening. Especially with the number of things that keep going wrong for LD this year. I won’t go into it, but I can pretty much equate it to 2004/5 for me!

Anyway, I wanted to call LD and talk to her, just to see how she was doing. But I didn’t know when a good time would be to call, since she does have kids and all… So I emailed her and asked what a good time might be and the next thing I knew the phone was ringing! It was funny, though. I totally wasn’t expecting her to call me, and when the phone rang I thought it would be N saying he would be late at work (his shift had ended about 30 minutes earlier). When it ended up being a woman’s voice on the other end I got nervous, thinking it was a coworker of N’s telling me something had happened to him. How dumb is that??? I’ve never had a phone call like that, and can’t imagine why that popped into my head.

When N got home he and LD started talking to each other through me. Not a full conversation, just throwing insults back and forth. I know N is going to like her! She has offered to carry for us when we are ready. I told her I didn’t want her to wait around for us, since it would be a couple of years before we’ll be heading down that path (unless N completely changes his mind AND we win the lottery). So she said that if something comes along, she’ll take it, but she doesn’t think she’ll go looking. She apparently was talking to her kids about the fact that she wouldn’t be helping P anymore and they asked what she was going to do now. She told them that she had a couple she was thinking about working with, but it might be a while. Her son asked her how many bedrooms we have and she said “They just got a new house, but I think they have three. Why?” He said “Well, they probably sleep in one of them, but that leaves two more. You can have two babies for them!” I told her “Don’t tell him we actually have four bedrooms!” 😉

I really love her to pieces and hope everything works out for us to take this journey together. I wish she didn’t live three hours away, but I think I’m willing to make that drive for her. She and I agree on SO many things. She only wants a natural childbirth, and does not want to be induced (I agree fully!). She believes in breast feeding, but does not feel she has to nurse the baby in the hospital as some surros I’ve come into contact do. She does not believe in selective reduction and she is completely in this to help people become parents, not for the money. And from what I gather from our conversations, her hubby is a gem as well! I can’t wait to meet her whole family someday.

Actually, one of the other TOSS members (K) is due any day now with a surro baby (IM is also on TOSS). K lives about an hour from LD and LD is three hours from me. I tossed the idea of my driving to her and picking her up, then going on to see K and her IM with the baby when she is born. Now we’re just waiting for news that K has given birth and then we’ll decide if we’re really going to do it. I told my sister I might be coming down to see her and W this weekend, but it’s looking like K might be ready before then. If so, I may change my plans with E and go the other direction instead… We haven’t heard from either K or her IM today, so we’re starting to wonder… 🙂

I guess I’ve gone on long enough. I’m sure you can tell I’m in much better spirits today. I feel like there may be hope yet…


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