Silly husbands…

I decided to “plant some seeds” as a friend suggested. I just brought up the conversation I had with the surro yesterday (the one we had so much in common with) to N. He then came up with this gem:

“So I was thinking about it, and the thought of our surrogate having a husband kind of weirds me out. I mean, our baby will be in her uterus and he’ll get to have sex with her while it’s in there. So essentially our baby will get his ‘stuff’ all over it.”

I reminded him that there IS a barrier between the baby and any “stuff.” You’d think he would know this, since he IS and RN. But I think he shut his brain off in the OB portion of lecture. 😉

Anyway, I thought it was hilarious and shared with SMO and my email list. Several folks on the email list said things like “I would think he would want your surro to have a husband instead of sleeping around” and stuff like that. I had to remind them that, even though I have been researching surrogacy for four years, he’s just now starting to think about the logistics. Besides, I’m fairly certain he was just trying to be funny. But it does remind me that we have a LOT to talk about before we look for our surro. Hope I get that opportunity sooner than later. I’m obsessing and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not “allowed” to talk about it yet. Therefore it’s all I can think about!


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