What are the odds?!

So I emailed a woman from SMO yesterday. I can’t really explain why, but I felt compelled to contact her. She lives in DFW and she’s due with her first surro-boy in January (though has already started having some contractions). She knows she wants to do this again, though (obviously) will have to wait before starting. She emailed me this morning saying that she was leaving work and wouldn’t have email access from home, but I could call her. At first I wasn’t sure I should. After all, I’m not officially looking, didn’t really know what to say, etc… I finally called about 3:30. And we talked for an hour and a half! I was shocked.

But the really interesting part is that her husband had valve replacement surgery 3 years ago and is on coumadin! What are the odds of my contacting a surro who knows first hand about valve replacement and anticoagulation?! She actually asked me what I thought about home monitoring and I told her I have a home test unit and LOVE it. I was able to share with her info on how to get one and my experiences with home testing. It was great. I feel like I was destined to contact her, even if she’s not “the one.” She also gave me quite a bit of good information about the protocol her RE used which did not involve injections at all!

I’m not ruling it out, but I’m fairly certain I don’t feel comfortable using her as a surro, though. She lives about 2 hours away (not that it’s too far, but I was hoping for a little closer), and the biggest kicker is that her hubby smokes. She says he only smokes outside, but that still bugs me a bit. However, I do feel like I’ve met a potential friend. We agreed on a LOT of things, though. It was great talking to her and I hope we continue to talk with each other.

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