My family is here visiting for Christmas. My 6 mo. old nephew is the CUTEST kid ever (no, I’m not biased 😉 )! I borrowed some toys from a friend and he is currently having a blast playing in the exersaucer. I just love it. But I also realize that I’m severely inadequate when it comes to long term care of a baby. I couldn’t even give him his bottle without it squirting in his eye! I realize that I’ll figure a lot of it out as I go along, but it’s frustrating for it not to be “natural.”

This year I was able to convince my MIL to come to our house for Christmas Eve and Day. We’ll be combining both N’s family and mine. I’m hoping everyone has a good time and this can become our new tradition. If we do “get a kid” I want to be able to stay in one place and not travel from grandmother to grandmother. We’ll see how it goes.


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