Some hope?

Today, as N and I were running errands, I said something about my friend who lives in Prague. I mentioned that she wanted us to come visit this summer, but I may be able to use the excuse of not getting our passports updated in time if need be. N asked if she had changed the date of her wedding to accommodate us and I said that I had mentioned the possibility of coming to visit when it was more convenient for us and when she wouldn’t be busy with wedding plans so we could actually spend time together. That is when N said something that gave me a little bit of hope. He said “Well, if we’re busy making a baby, that might not happen.” So maybe we WILL be working on a surrogacy journey this summer!

Oh, and while we were at the car dealership so he could get his oil changed he was looking at this other car and said it would be a better “family car” than mine. To which I replied, “Hey, a car seat will fit in this back seat! But only one.” He said, “Well, I didn’t think we would have two in car seats at the same time.” “Unless we have twins, which I really don’t want,” I said. “I dunno. Twins could be cool. We could end up with two kids for the price of one!” “But I’m not sure how well I’ll keep up with ONE. Two is just plain scary.” “Yeah, I guess.”

Both of these conversations give me some hope. Less than two months until I’m allowed to approach the subject again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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