Sewing frustrations

I’m so frustrated with my sewing these days. I didn’t get a chance to work on the place mats on Monday or Tuesday because as soon as I got home from work (it was a late day) we met my MIL and BIL for dinner, after which BIL came home with us to spend the night (he didn’t have school the next day and N didn’t have to work). So of course, when I got home Tuesday we ended up going out to dinner with MIL again to repeat the “exchange.” I spent all day Wednesday working on those place mats. I did take a break to go to the grocery store briefly, and to stuff the turkey. Other than that I worked almost exclusively on sewing. Even once my brother and his wife got here, I continued to sew, with my SIL helping to press seams. I went to bed around midnight, then woke up at 6:15. N had to go to work and I ended up waking up as he was leaving. After I got the turkey in the oven (that was around 8:00) and my brother woke up, I returned to the sewing room to work on the place mats. People were set to arrive at 11, so a little before that I went to get dressed, and returned to work. I didn’t stop working until the doorbell rang. At which point I only had 3 completed place mats and a lot of fronts and backs that were not sewn together… I gave up. I wasn’t going to spend any more effort on a losing battle. 😦

Today I had the pattern for the turtle quilt I want to make for my nephew printed up so I can get started on it. Unfortunately, I just spent the last hour in the sewing room and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I tried and tried to get that first seam sewn, but I cut the fabric exact instead of giving extra because I was afraid of running out of that fabric. I should have known better. I’ve now decided I’m going to get a different fabric for the brown so I won’t be quite as concerned about how much I cut. Plus, it was a very slippery fabric to work with anyway.

All this to say I’m very frustrated with myself. I’m feeling like I can’t get anything right, sewing wise. I want so badly to be good at it, but fail miserably. At least I do learn from my mistakes. Or at least, I think I do. I still intend to make place mats for my MIL, but I intend to do things a bit differently for hers. And I’ve figured out that I need to feel comfortable with plenty of excess when working on the turtle quilt, or it will just cause a lot of mistakes. Hopefully things will go better tomorrow. I really want to be able to show some of my work off at school next week, but I’m wondering if that’s going to be possible now… We shall see.

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