Beating hearts

Today started out as a good day. I woke up at 8 and fed the dogs, then went for a walk around the creek. It was still somewhat brisk out, but I managed to work up a sweat. I was very proud of myself for getting that accomplished first thing in the morning. I then came home and got on the computer for a bit while I cooled down. I made myself get up and start cleaning out the fridge (had to move the turkey over from the freezer) and the kitchen. I didn’t do as much as I had hoped to do, but I did a fairly decent job at least. I then went into my sewing room and started cutting fabric for the place mats I am making to go with our new dishes. I want to have them finished by Thursday so we can use them for Thanksgiving.

As I was cutting fabric my heart was doing all kinds of funky things and it felt like there was pressure on my chest. I took my pulse and my best bet was that I was having several PVCs, though not back to back. I considered calling in a reading to Carelink (they can get readings from my ICD over the phone and send them to my doctor), but I thought it was probably nothing and I hate to bother people over nothing. So I didn’t do anything, just kept pushing though and pretending everything was fine.Then I started to get a migraine. Because of the meds I’m on for my heart I cannot take any migraine meds at the onset of a migraine. Just tylenol. 😦 My best remedy for a migraine has always been to go to sleep. I didn’t really want to take a nap today, but I also wanted my migraine to go away. Unfortunately, even the nap didn’t help. I still have the migraine (though it is finally easing a little).I didn’t get the place mats finished (I did cut all the fabric at least), and I didn’t vacuum, and I didn’t clean the bathrooms as I had hoped to do today. 😦 At least I have all of Wednesday off before people start coming over. I should be able to get the place mats finished (I’ll probably work on them after school Monday and Tuesday as well) as well as getting some more cleaning done. Our house looks better than the old one, so at least there’s some improvement, but I was hoping to actually seem like we didn’t live in constant clutter. Oh, well. Guess I can’t change my spots completely! I will also be doing some cooking on Wednesday, which means I’ll have to clean everything again anyway!


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