Meeting of the minds

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but every “free” moment has been spent packing for the move, or painting at the new house. Today will be more of the same, BUT I have a lunch “date” with a potential GS! She and I know each other from our online support group (we met in person 9 months ago, while she was still pregnant with her previous surro-twins). I’ve told my husband that we’re meeting, but didn’t really say why. Is that bad? I feel guilty. I didn’t mean to leave that out. When I started to tell him about my lunch plans we got distracted by other things, and he didn’t sound very interested. I’m not committing to her right now or anything, we just thought it might be good to get together and talk, since we’re both looking to do a journey in about a year. If things go well, I’ll make sure she meets the rest of the family (and of course, I’ll meet hers… Come to think of it, I wonder if she plans to bring her kids with her?). We’ve got plenty of time to make sure this is the right thing for all of us (including our families) so there’s no rush… But I can’t help be excited!

She was so cute Friday. When she emailed the group, she slipped in a comment about “meeting a good friend” on Sunday. With a big ol’ smiley. Then when she emailed me privately, she said she’d put in a “hidden innuendo” that no one but me should get. As far as I can tell, no one did. When I replied back to the group I said I hoped she had fun with her friend. I was tempted to put in a winky face, but know that would make it way too obvious. Who knows if this will work out. However, I’ve dreamed for a long time that I’d meet someone on TOSS who lived really close (she’s about 10 minutes from our new house) so I could feel like I was completely involved. I know she’s aware of how psycho I am, since I’ve mentioned it several times on the group. I’m very hopeful that things are going to go well.

I guess I should stop rambling and get some packing done. Otherwise we’ll still have a house full of junk to deal with up to moving day (this Thursday!) and I really don’t want to deal with that!


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