A good start

My potential GS and I met today for lunch. She had her kids with her, which she kept appologizing for, but I really enjoyed meeting them. They are sweet kids, energentic, and not shy at all. šŸ™‚ I loved getting to meet them and see her interact with them.

We did get to talk a little bit about surrogacy, but never really talked particulars about matching, which is probably for the best. I think we’re both taking it slowly, since we know there’s plenty of time to make a decision. She asked me about what our timeline is looking like, and I explained that I’m hoping for next summer. She didn’t indicate where that would work in her plans, but I do know she’s said that she wants to try for another in about a year. So I assume that would work for her. We also talked about the fact that she had a c-section with the twins and I asked her if she would want to vbac or if she’d do another c-section. She said her OB told her she could vbac, but she’s thinking she’d rather just do another c-section. She kind of liked knowing when the babies would come and being able to plan around it. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean, on the one hand I like the thought of knowing for sure when the baby would be delivered, but on the other hand I am a strong advocate for natural childbirth when possible. Of course, I would never force anyone to do something they didn’t want to do, but I’ve always thought natural was best, which is why I was so proud of my sister when she delivered my nephew without drugs. I’m not opposed to a c-section delivery, of course. Especially since she’s had one already. I just wouldn’t want to do one solely for the purpose of scheduling the delivery.

We’ve both said we’ll ease the husbands into the picture slowly. Maybe we can have them over after a couple of months or so. I’m excited, but cautiously. I know that there’s still a lot to talk about to make sure we’ll be a match, but so far I love her. I made sure to let her know that I want to be completely involved, even to the point of being able to watch/wait for HPT results with my GS rather than waiting to find out in an email or through a picture. She says that, while she doesn’t need her IPs at every appointment, she thinks it is nice for them to be able to, which is why she’s hoping for another local couple.

I think things went fairly well. While we didn’t talk about particulars, we were very comfortable together and I really love the fact that she’s only about 15 minutes from me. And the fact that she’s had two journeys before (one ended in miscarriage and the couple decided not to try again) means she will know what to expect and it should be easier to do this independently. I know at some point we’ll have to talk money and such, which I dread, but I figure that would be better to do when her kids aren’t there. Though they are completely comfortable with surrogacy talk, and even asked “Mommy, are you going to carry a baby for her?” I thought it was great that they are so comfortable with it all. Her kids really were great, which helps make me even more comfortable with her.


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