Dollar Signs everywhere!

We will finally be closing on our house in less than two days. We’ve been waiting to even find out if we would get the house for over a month. We found out for sure on Monday, and we’re closing on Friday! How crazy is that?!?

So now dear hubby is planning his game room, entertainment center, and other areas of the house. All I can see are dollar signs racking up. I thought we’d have money left over after we bought our house… Now I’m not so sure. And the less money we have in the end, the longer it will be before we can persue surrogacy. 😦 And we keep talking about all these things we’d like to “eventually” do to the house. More money, less kid. 😦 Maybe I’ll never get to be a mom. I hope that’s not true, but alas, I’m not sure we’ll ever have the accumulated savings we will need to go through a surrogacy journey or adoption. I hate, hate, hate that it costs so darn much for us to become parents. And that’s before the kid is even born!!!


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