More good news

While this isn’t specifically surrogacy related, I wanted to include this good news here.

Because of my decreasing heart function over the years, we have known that it is inevitable that I will one day need a transplant. It seems every year my test results come back saying my ventricular function has lowered even more than the previous year. Well, back in March I went up to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and had a bi-ventricular defibrillator (bi-v ICD) implanted. The theory being that by synchronizing the ventricles with one lead per ventricle they wouldn’t have to work as hard to pump and therefore their function would improve. Well, 4 weeks later we discovered that one of the leads was no longer “capturing” so I had to go BACK to Rochester for a second surgery to replace that lead. It was all very frustrating, especially since it meant using up every last sick leave day and of course the expense of making the two trips.

Well, it turns out it was worth the trouble. I had my annual MUGA scan (a test to help measure heart function) last week and today I found out that BOTH ventricles have improved!!! This is great news, and I hope that we will continue to see more improvements. This should put off transplant farther into the future (though I don’t know how far) and makes me feel more comfortable with the idea of becoming a mom knowing I have bought myself some time. I’m so glad that we went through with the surgery and lead revision! 🙂


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