Records, records, and more records

Today I went down to Medical City and took release forms to all of my various docs to have them send my medical records to FSoD. It’s rediculous how many docs I have. I actually was only able to get the release form to the hospital (for my cyst rupture records) and my cardiologist. My PCP’s office was closed, which I was thought was strange. I called them on my cell to see if maybe they just took a late lunch or something, but the message said they were closed for a funeral. That’s so sad… I’ll try calling on Monday, and since I’ll be down there for another appointment anyway, I will probably have a chance to take it by then. I haven’t decided yet if I need to get records from my old GYN. I can find out from the doc if he needs it in addition to the other records I’m getting from my PCP.

I also got to talk with my cardiologist for a little while. I just love her. She is very supportive of my desire to go through with a surrogacy journey, even though she got the impression from the cardiologist at the Mayo that she often consults with on my case that she didn’t like the idea (though never gave a MEDICAL reason not to). When she saw that I was putting in a request for records and that it was for a Fertility Clinic her eyes lit up and she said “Oh, you’re going to do it?!” I explained that it was just a consultation to find out if it’s possible. You know how you can tell just by the look in someone’s eyes what they are really thinking? I could tell she was happy to hear I hadn’t been discouraged by the Mayo doc’s opinion. She even said she’s talked to a local cardiologist who has worked with many women who are pregnant or gone through fertility treatment with heart problems (obviously my situation is a bit different, but that’s probably the closest I’ll get) and she has said she’d be willing to help monitor me when the time comes.

Eleven days left until the RE appointment. Of course, I’ve got a ton of other things going on between now and then. MUGA scan Monday, Eye Doctor Thursday, Workshop Friday, Electrophysiologist the next Monday, THEN the RE that Tuesday, and another workshop that Thursday. Nothing like packing in the appointments at the last minute (I start back to work as a school librarian on August 20th).


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