Moving forward

Despite feeling down and inadequate today, I decided to make some progress towards finding out if we will get to persue surrogacy. I looked at our insurance plans (my insurance won’t cover anything fertility related, but my husband’s will cover testing) and I looked into local RE’s to try and decide who to make an appointment with. I’m SO confused! I’ve gotten it down to two local docs that I think look good, but I’m just not sure. My situation is SO different from any of the information they provide on their web sites.

  1. I am on birth control pills (BCP) and therefore I am not sure how that effects the “Day 3” testing they want done. I imagine MOST women who are trying to have a baby are off of BCP and this isn’t a problem. However, I can’t come off of it, since I’m not supposed to get pregnant, AND I have a history of ovarian cysts.
  2. The forms they want patients to fill out ask about prior attempts, fertility history, etc. However, this is the FIRST time we will be doing any of this stuff. They want some blood work and other testing done prior to the first appointment, but I don’t know if all of it is actually something I would need, given our unique situation.

I’m thinking I will need to actually get on the phone with someone at each of these offices to figure out what would need to be done. I’ve already sent a brief inquiry to one of them via their web site, so we’ll see how rapidly we get a response. If they are slow, I may just go with the other doc based on the positive feedback I’ve heard from other people who have used him. This is all SO confusing! Why, oh, why can’t anything in my life be easy? Just once I’d like things to just fall into place perfectly…

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